Leveraging your slashes

My friend Ted has had a string of successful careers, starting with a bang when fresh out of Harvard he began writing for the David Letterman show, and within a few months won an Emmy. He left comedy writing to explore other corners of the world.

Legend has it that he’s driven a hack cab, worked at a hedge fund and researched suicide at an Ivy League university.

Now he’s back at comedy.

Recently we had lunch and started talking about the similarities between our careers: both of us working at home, writing by ourselves and then putting that stuff out in the world. Ted said that one of the challenges of comedy is that it’s a young person’s business (Ted is a bit out of his twenties). I suggested he see his age/experience as an advantage. At a comedy club, it will often be Ted and some twenty-something making jokes about sex and farts. But there are venues where Ted could capitalize on his many slashes, in a way that would appeal to sophisticated — and often high paying audiences.

I was imagining Ted at the partners dinner of a big law firm or hedge fund delivering jokes that no twenty-something sex and fart joke-teller would be able to deliver.

A few weeks later, I got this note from Ted:

I’ve developed a customized product for corporate events. If you’re
interested, let’s talk. If you’ve wanted to see me live and had trouble,
contact me and I’ll set up a club date to accommodate. In the meantime,
please enjoy my clip on myspace (TedGreenbergcomic) and on my website (TedGreenberg.com)

Bravo Ted. I can’t wait to see this act. But I probably can’t afford it.

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