Debuting the Heymarci Blog!

For a while, I’ve been a one-sided participant in the blogosphere. I read a lot of blogs. And I often write to bloggers, either by email or through comments on their blogs. Now that I’m out talking a lot about the ideas in my book, lots of folks have started emailing me, initiating conversations that I’m starting to feel should be public (or at least open to the possibility of that.) That’s one of the reasons I’m plunging into the blog pool.

Here are a few others:
1. Good and unexpected things tend to come out of experimenting with new modes of expression.
2. As someone who teaches and coaches other journalists, it was feeling pretty weird to be encouraging others to test out the blog waters without doing it myself.
3. Blogging seems really well-suited to testing out new ideas, and
4. For better or worse, I’m always happy when I’m writing every day, or when the expectation to do that exists.

I expect this blog to be a forum for conversation, sharing ideas, and highlighting good stuff I discover. I have a feeling it will also be handy as I work on new book ideas.

I’ve already gotten buckets of good advice from bloggers I admire, but I’m still at the stage where I barely know what it is I don’t know. So if you’re visiting and feel the urge to impart some blogging nuggets of wisdom, don’t be shy!

P.S. You’ll see there are some posts in the archives. I’ve been playing around a bit to prepare for this day!

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8 Responses to “Debuting the Heymarci Blog!”

  1. SayitBetterKare Says:

    Coming home late last night from a cross-country flight I intended to go straight to sleep, reading your book that had arrived yesterday. Yet apparently it was 100 pages into the book before I slipped off to dreamland. You make us care about the people in your stories, your praactical, underlying points and transitions pull us into recognizing how people all around us are living the “slash” life or on their way to it. Of course as a former journalist, author/speaker/cause partnering consultant I felt so gratified to see others felt like they were “the dumbest person in the room” during the early stage of a new “slash.” Everyone can read this for pure enjoyment in the human stories – and to get a practical plan on how they can make their work and their life richer and more balanced by living two or more of the facets of their being.

  2. Chris Says:

    Welcome to the club, Marci!

    As I’ve been reading the book, I’ve been struck by how I’ve been a slash since I was in school, studying Engineering, Creative Writing, and improv comedy.

    I’m grateful that you’ve finally put a name to our phenomenon.

  3. Eve Says:

    Welcome to the wacky/fun/intense world of blogging.
    So happy you finally made it!

  4. Gretchen Says:

    I know that your blog will be as good as your book, so I’m putting it on my “Favorites” list right now! I’m always looking for great advice about career, self-management, staying focused, and all the rest.

  5. Ben Casnocha Says:

    Marci – welcome! Awesome start!

    Tip: If all goes to plan, in a couple months you might start feeling blogger fatigue. “Is it really worth it to keep it up?” you might ask yourself. If this happens, call me and we’ll talk!

  6. penelope Says:


    Congratulations on your blog launch! Looking forward to seeing how your blog unfolds.


  7. carol Says:

    Thanks, Marci for creating this blog. I’ve read your postings for the last month and find it a Seth Godin-type blog with more emphasis on finding interesting things about people and creativity than on marketing and business concepts. Intelligent, well-written, and something new to say–what a blog should be.

  8. Deb B Says:

    Hello Marci,

    Wow! The power of words. My daughter just forwarded a web address that lead me to your article in the New York Times on May 1st. I just read it and was so taken am sending you this note. This is my first Blog. I have been a Career Counselor since 1987 and look forward to reading your book as soon as I get it.

    Your creative word choices and insight in the article are great. I like the “slash” career term and have been a slasher for years myself. Career Counselor/Trainer/ Consultant and other variations. I’ll let you know more after I read your book.

    Deb Bachman

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