Slash Careers as Works In Progress

Last week I moderated a panel discussion with some of the book’s subjects at McNally Robinson bookstore. I have a thing for panel discussions (talk show host aspirations), so I decided to liven up the book tour by including some panel discussions as a way to bring the book’s pages to life.

Slash lives are never static, and two of the panelists illustrated that. Oscar Smith, the cop/gym owner-personal trainer, had a big change in his police life since his book interview. When I first interviewed Oscar, he worked under cover in the narcotics unit. Recently, he joined an elite unit of the force called the “scuba rescue” team, which employs a fleet of specially trained cops to go on diving missions around the waters of New York. Oscar enjoyed the narc beat, but the cool thing about this new gig is that it brings some of his other slashes into his police work. He’s been a lifeguard for years, so the sea and rescue work are in his blood. His new role is also more physical than many police jobs, which would have him sitting at a desk or driving around in a patrol car. This makes a lot of sense for a fitness guru.

Nina Fine, the actress-singer/real estate investor, is now pregnant and reassessing just how many things she’ll be able to juggle as a new mom. Already, her performing career is more focused on singing than acting. Fine is basd in New York City, but her real estate life is mostly in her prior home of Philadelphia, where she manages a few rental properties, and Hudson, NY, where she and her boyfriend have a second home. I’m wondering whether she’ll make any changes to the real estate part of her life once that baby baby arrives.

And now something new for me — I’m finally posting photos to this blog! Oscar is the guy in the helicopter.

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  1. carol Says:

    I used to think my career path was about reinvention. But what I’m really getting is that as a slasher, it’s about re-integration. Taking in new stuff that’s emerging at any one point in time and integrating it with the “old selves.” And along the way, changing or adding a slash.

    I was a writer when I was a kid and “lost” it when I became an engineer. When I left engineering, the writer in me came out again, to give voice to the intersection of the human spirit and the work world and now, several years later, about all sorts of other stuff. In addition to adding writer as a slash, I’ve added podcaster, coach, and team development consultant. The engineer still comes out but in new ways–to manage my business and to tackle new projects.

    Thanks for re-framing my thinking about career paths.

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