Nana’s Longevity Tips

As a journalist, I turn to the experts for advice. So this year, at Passover, I asked my 93-year old nana for the secrets to her longevity. It’s simple, she said:

1. Eat right. (Nana has followed a pretty simple diet for the past 50 years. Take whatever you were going to put on your plate and cut it in half. If at a restaurant, cut it by 2/3. Save the rest for tomorrow.)

2. Watch the trees grow. (This she said while pointing to the Magnolia tree on the side of her driveway, planted about 60 years ago. A tree grew in Brooklyn.)

3. Make jokes out of everything. (Of late, she is especially fond of ribald humor you wouldn’t expect from a nonagenarian).

(Note: I know this is a little off topic for my blog, but we should never lose sight of the “life” part of “work/life.” And I hear that tips do well in the blogosphere.)

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3 Responses to “Nana’s Longevity Tips”

  1. greeny Says:

    I love your nana’s wisdom. Maybe she should start a blog!

  2. "heymarci" Says:

    She’d have to visit the Internet for that! (and she still doesn’t realize that she can do that without leaving Brooklyn.)

  3. gretchenrubin Says:

    Great post! Science backs up your grandmother’s secret to healthy eating. One study showed that the most helpful strategy for weight loss was cutting serving size — more effective than cutting fat, eating more produce, and exercising more.

    Especially at restaurants! Zoikes, who knows what they put in the food.

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