Is Gen Y the Slash Generation?

This month’s Fortune magazine has a good story, “Manage Us? Puh-Leeze” on the work habits of Gen Y and how employers need to embrace them (hint: get used to seeing employee’s bringing their moms to the first day of work.) Throughout the story were references to Gen Y workers and their whole-life mentality. Here’s a taste.

. . . Butler chose accounting after graduating from Howard University because he wanted “transferable skills.” At KPMG he’s getting them — and more: The firm has let him arrange his schedule to train for a bodybuilding competition, and he’s on its tennis team.

When people ask me whether there are generational implications for the “slash” concept, I usually say that anyone above 35 needs permission to have a life with slashes so there’s some reeducation that has to happen. Gen Y doesn’t need any reeducation. They can’t imagine a life that doesn’t have room for all their slashes. And they can’t imagine a workplace that doesn’t let them express themselves fully. Whether companies will figure out how to deliver it is another question.

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