Time Magazine blogger covers ME!

Last week I had lunch with Lisa Takeuchi Cullen, one of the best workplace bloggers out there. My intention was to talk shop, grouse about being on book tour and how hard it is to self-promote all time — and frankly, get some advice about being a workplace columnist. We never got to that last part because she whipped out a pen and told me she’d like to interview me about my book for her blog. (I had pitched her ages ago, but when she didn’t write about the book, I didn’t want to press.)

Here’s what she wrote.

If you’re the kind of person who reads my column and blog, you’ll definitely want to keep up with Lisa’s blog. Another interesting fact about her is that she wrote an interesting/wacky book on the business and rituals around death and funerals. You can read more about it (and check out some cool photos) here (on yet another book site that reminds me I have to redesign my website/blog once life quiets down.)

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