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Yesterday, my Shifting Careers column at The New York Times online focused on ways to create buzz about your ideas. Based on the flood of reader emails I’ve been getting, I’m not the only one interested in this subject. If you have any tips to share — especially ideas for those who are uncomfortable about self-promotion and/or who can’t afford outside p.r. help, please share them in the comments. (There’s no way to comment on the NYT website yet, so leave your comments on the blog.)

Here’s the article, “Tools and Tips to Create Buzz Around Your Ideas.”

Note: Through some weird URL glitch, the link to the 360 Profiler mentioned in the first paragraph was published incorrectly. If you want to try the tool, click here.

Just stumbled on this article on “The Single Greatest Marketing Tool” that does a good job of explaining public relations — from both a do-it-yourself and a hire-an-expert perspective.

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  1. Kare Anderson Says:

    Since many of us are moving away from only “promotion” of “me” (solo advertising, pr & marketing) and towards providing helpful info. in the tone, times, style, ways and places that matter most to our kind of clients/audience then “we” can generate more credibility, visibility and value together – if we partner in smart ways.

    In a flattening world, that’s the “power of us.”

    For example, picking up on Marci’s #5: Write articles: co-authoring articles makes them seem less like an ad and more likely (if well-written, interesting and helpful) to be accepted by your local paaper or the media that reaches your kind of customers.

    For those who sell products/services to consumers, here’s some easy ways to jumpstart a first SmartPartnership (at the very leasst you will gain a warmed-up introduction to each other’s customers):

    1. Print joint promotional messages on your bills.

    2. Offer a reduced price, special service, or convenience if customers buy
    services or products from you and your partner.

    3. Hang signs or posters promoting one another on your walls, windows, or

    4. Mention one another’s benefits when you speak at local events or are
    interviewed by the media.

    5. Show the joint use of your services and their benefit on the health of patients

    6. Pool mailing lists and send out a joint promotional postcard.

    7. Promote your partners’ products during their slow times, and ask them to
    do the same for you.

    8. Share inexpensive ads in local shopping papers or a nonprofit event

    9. Give a joint interview to local media.

    10. Put one another’s promotional messages on Lucite stands on counters or
    floor stands in waiting areas.

    11. Encourage your staff to mention how your partner’s products can be used with yours.

    12. Give your partner’s product to your customers when they buy a large
    quantity of your product, and ask your partner to do the same.

    13. Use door hangers, posters, flyers, or postcards to promote special
    offers for one another’s products.

    14. Co-produce an in-store or other event, demonstration, celebrity
    appearance, free service, or lecture.

  2. "heymarci" Says:

    Tks for sharing these, Kare.
    Some excellent ideas (not sure why they posted twice.)

  3. Anonymous Says:

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