Questions from the recent grads (

Today my Shifting Careers column for The New York Times is a roundtable with questions from recent college wandering through what I call “the decade of drift.”

You can read it here:
“Young, Confused and in Need of Coaching”

If you happen to be one of those wanderers, or happen to live with any, work with any, or just care about understanding this period of life as it is lived today, make sure to read The Quarterlife Crisis by Abby Wilner and Alexandra Robbins and The Quarterlifer’s Companion, a follow-up book by Wilner and Cathy Stocker (with a very long subtitle I’ve left out.) These folks have also started an online community with some nifty resources (job listings, info on health insurance, links to online dating sites.)

In other Monday news, Penelope Trunk just linked to my blog in a post about using slashes on business cards. Her writings on “braided lives” will be interesting for anyone already on the slash bandwagon.

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