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For today’s Shifting Careers column at I got a chance to interview Herminia Ibarra, author of Working Identity, my all-time favorite book about careers. Ibarra, who has spent the past several years working in France had interesting insights about European vs. Americans attitudes towards work/leisure/unplugging.

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  1. Anne Z. Says:

    Marci, thanks for pointing out Herminia’s work. I just downloaded chapter 1 from her book and I really resonate with her ideas. (I resonate with yours too, as you saw from my post on Web Worker Daily).

    - Anne

  2. "heymarci" Says:

    Glad to hear it Anne. Been liking your blog too!

  3. Carol Ross Says:

    Hi Marci,

    Thanks for a great interview. Working Identity is also one of my favorite books on career transitions and one that I recommend to many of my coaching clients.

    Two things caught my eye in the interview:

    1. The discussion on time off–how it becomes harder as we become more wired (I call this the electronic leash.) I also agree that social norms influence how easy it is to become unplugged. I’m on a two-week “creative hiatus” and notice that at times, it’s hard to resist answering the phone or replying to email. This is even with fair warning on my voicemail and out of office notice that I’m unavailable. Becoming unplugged is as much about setting our own boundaries as it is social norms.

    2. Ms. Ibarra’s comment about networking–how it is an enabler to let go of hands-on work and become more strategic. Her book already makes a great case for building new networks as part of the career transition process. I appreciate this new insight as one more reason for ongoing networking.

    I look forward to reading more of your columns.

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