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This week’s Shifting Careers column online at The New York Times, Blogging Your Way Into a Business, is about using blogs to build a business or make a career change. I wrote this piece because I was tired of reading stories about how blogs can harm one’s career — and while I know that blogs can do damage, they are also one of the easiest, most-effective ways to test out an idea, get a business off the ground, or build a following in your niche.

Jeremy Blachman, one of the bloggers I profiled, wrote a great piece (available through Times Select) for the Times about why employees blogging about their is good for the public good. It was a bit off-topic for the column, but it’s relevant to the whole “are blogs good for your career?” conversation.

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  1. Rebecca Thorman Says:

    I absolutely agree, and am happy you have written this. I have received countless opportunities from my blog and I’ve only been doing it for a short time. I think everyone should try blogging… just for a bit, at least.

  2. kareanderson Says:

    …And those who combine blogging with idea-packed podcasts truly leverage value and visibility. They give voice to their work -and to the experts they admire. This reinforces the business-building “power of us” who lead “slash” lives and want to savor our work and life with others.

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