Remember the telephone?

Recently, I did something strange. I called a fellow journalist for something we would normally talk about through email. It was so odd that I started the call with a caveat, “I don’t usually pick up the phone, but it seemed about time we had a conversation.” She and I typically communicate by email, my preferred mode of communication with just about everyone in my life. It keeps me productive. But lately I have been so saturated with email that I am starting to relish all those conversations that I long ago relegated to email.

Clearly, my phone call got that colleague (Eve Tahmincioglu) thinking because she blogged about it at her new small business blog at, which is worth checking out even if it didn’t have something to do with ME!

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  1. Tiffany Monhollon Says:

    Yes, the phone. I did a similar thing the other day, and it was amazing to me how much more I grew to knew the person just by hearing their voice. When you e-mail all the time, you don’t know how other people sound when they talk. Something I hadn’t thought about before I made the call, since I also rely heavily on e-mail.

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