Women & Work…People are Still Talking

I don’t have time to listen or watch every audio or visual doodad I encounter in a blog entry, so I imagine even some of my most loyal Heymarci readers didn’t listen to the podcast I posted yesterday after I went on Karen Salmansohn’s radio show for a discussion on women/work/balance/fit/glass walls/fish and lots of other good stuff.

I still hope you’ll to find some time to listen to it; but if you can’t, this is your lucky day because Hannah Seligson, a smart young writer whose work I just discovered, nicely summarized the whole thing. She also highlighted the new word, “imperfectionist,” I coined during that radio talk. Read the post, and work on becoming an imperfectionist. I think it is the key to achieving happiness.

Deborah Siegel also blogged about the podcast this morning over at Girl With Pen. Deborah is a thought leader and excellent resource on pretty much anything related to women’s issues, so I was tickled to see my name in one of her posts.

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  1. Carol Ross Says:

    Hi Marci,

    Thanks for pointing to Hannah’s Cliff notes on the podcast as well as giving me an added incentive to listen in. I downloaded the MP3 file and listened to it in the car while driving to a women’s networking event, hosted by a prominent law firm. I was amazed at how the conversation at the event turned to the very issues that the panel discussed. Women do indeed know what’s up and collectively, we have the answers.

    I’ve forwarded the link to the podcast, along with your original post and Hannah’s post, to several people I met at the networking event. Thanks again.

  2. Gretchen Rubin Says:

    I LOVE the term “imperfectionist.” Some people pride themselves on being perfectionist, now I will try to boast about being an imperfectionist. I constantly have to remind myself “Do not let the perfect be the enemy of the good,” so this term will come in handy.

  3. Sheryl Sisk Schelin Says:

    I think I have a new word of the day – imperfectionist – how awesome. Another one, related – “analysis paralysis” – the fear of moving because you haven’t finished analyzing all options to a nauseating degree of certainty (which, of course, never really occurs, so we’re excused from action completeley). It takes guts to get out there and move, however (im)perfectly.

  4. Diane Danielson Says:

    Love the imperfectionist term! As a working single mom, I’ve adopted the title of this summer’s bestselling British chick lit novel to describe my less than perfect lifestyle. I’m a “Slummy Mummy” and very proud to be one.

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