Slash Careers on the Today Show!

Today was an exciting moment for me and for anyone else who has been following the growing interest in the slash effect. The Today show did a segment on slash careers this morning and they featured two especially inspiring people from the book, Deborah Rivera, an executive recruiter/chef-hotelier, and Rashid Silvera, a high school teacher/fashion model. You can get a glimpse of each of them in their dual lives, and see photos of some other folks from the book on this video clip.

Also pictured in the segment were Bonnie Duncan, a dancer/teacher/puppeteer, Alex von Bidder, a restaurateur/yoga instructor, and Bob Alper, a rabbi/stand-up comic.

Baby boomers juggling more jobs
Baby boomers juggling more jobs

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3 Responses to “Slash Careers on the Today Show!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, Marci, that is so awesome. Congratulations!!

    Kind Regards,

    Alexandra Levit
    Author, They Don’t Teach Corporate in College
    Blogger, Water Cooler Wisdom

  2. Tiffany Monhollon Says:

    Great piece! You did a fantastic job on camera. I’m curious to see where they go with this series – I’m always fascinated by the stats on how many boomers are entering the trucking business after they retire, for one. I’d love to see come coverage on that phenomenon!

    Anyway, congrats on getting to kick such a cool series off in style!

  3. KareAnderson Says:

    You continue to inspire so many people to explore the other facets of themselves – and play them out in their work and lives.

    I was thinking that you might join forces up with Marcus Buckingham (Now, Discover Your Strengths)
    and Richard Bolle (What Color’s Your Parachute?) to help people recognize and appreciate (rather than submerge) their multiple talents, who would be their best allies or partners – and how to put them to work, with others.

    – Kare

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