Slash Careerists Gathering on Facebook

This is a guest post by Vanessa Carr, who has been working with me on Facebook and some other technology projects

There has been a great response to Marci’s call for slashes on her Slash ‘/’ Careers group on Facebook.

One stand-out site was that of Katreen Hardt, an actress/freelance journalist living in Germany. Katreen boldly foregrounds her slash identity on her homepage with a colorful grid of images—half popular magazine covers for issues to which she’s contributed writing and half stills from movies she’s acted in (which include Henry Fool and The Book of Life—beneath an equally bold title: Katreen Hardt, Freelance journalist and actress.

Katreen homepage screenshot

Part of what is effective about her site is its simplicity. From the homepage, you can navigate to one of four sections: about (bio), portfolio (writing), showreel (acting), and contact. On her about page, Katreen summarizes each of her slash components, highlighting a few of her most significant accomplishments.

Katreen’s website embodies her brand: clean, artful, and organized—which helps her present her slash identity in a neat and easily comprehensible way. Branding can often be a challenge for slash careerists—and is a topic that has sparked some interesting conversation on Marci’s Facebook discussion board. (Marci recently invited Pamela Slim to do a guest post on this subject on Shifting Careers, Marci’s blog at The New York Times.) Not all slashes choose to present their multiple careers using the same tools or brand—for example, Gery Deer, whose multiple slashes include whip artistry and computer programming (among others), might only selectively combine those components of his slash career.

Another interesting Facebook post came from Nadine Touzet, a translator/interpreter living in Paris who just started blogging about her work. Unlike some slashes whose branding challenge is to describe how two or more radically different careers can fit together, Touzet’s branding challenge is to describe how her slashes—translation and interpretation—are in fact distinct. She tackles this question in an interesting post on her blog.

As we hoped, people have been posting some interesting examples of how new technology can be used to represent a slash career. For example, check out the great video of Bonnie Duncan, an acrobat/teacher/puppeteer, performing a fantastic acrobatic routine with a partner to a raucous eastern European sounding marching band. In her other life, Bonnie works as a professional dancer, a puppeteer and a teacher working with students K-12 where she uses creative drama and movement techniques to enhance language arts and social studies curricula.

Marci and I hope you’ll join in the Facebook conversation—and please keep posting links to the websites, videos, or other multimedia that capture your particular slash life.

—Vanessa Carr, Marci’s technology assistant/journalist

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  1. Nadine Says:

    Thank you Vanessa and Marci, I’m very appreciative of the fact that you selected me to be featured in this post.

  2. Nadine T. Says:

    Thanks to all my visitors.

    For those who wish to read my post (and perhaps other posts as well), my blog has moved to my own domain, its new URL is:

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