Slash Careers Gain International Attention

Slash careers are gaining international attention in Europe and Canada. This recent article in Canada’s Globe and Mail, Bored with your job? Get slashing, talks about adding a slash career to one’s existing gig as a good way to shake things up and avoid burnout. A recent International Herald Tribune piece, The job-changer’s bibles, cites One Person/Multiple Careers along with the classic What Color is Your Parachute as the two professional reinvention must-reads.

On the home front, there was an interesting story in St. Louis Magazine profiling some unusual slash careerists: an office furniture salesman/photographer/reserve police officer, a costume vendor/property sales administrator, and a writer/soap maker/rickshaw pedlar/teacher.

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  1. Amanda Says:

    I used to apologize for my slash-heavy resume. What I didn’t realize is how my adaptability would translate to a great strength as I navigated the baby years. I now enjoy life as a director of marketing/copywriter/freelance event planner/mom/small business owner as I work for an inventor/nurse/entrepreneur/mom.

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