A Time for Bartering, and Winter Colds

My yoga instructor just canceled a private yoga session we had planned for tomorrow. I was so looking forward to starting my yoga program, especially because we had crafted an experiment perfect for tough times. She wants to work on her writing. I want to work on my yoga. So we’re bartering services — private writing classes for private yoga sessions — something ideally suited to freelancers with a marketable skill, and even for small businesses thinking creatively in tough times

But my yoga instructor was feeling sick, and she wrote me a sweet note telling me she didn’t want to infect me. So despite my disappointment, I thanked her. And then I sent her this post, “Feeling Sick? Stay Home,” which I wrote last winter in the thick of the season when large numbers of people were spreading around their germs by going to work and meetings when they should be staying home.  

So as the current environment continues — with unpredictable weather and turmoil in the economy — think about ways you can barter, and whether you can avoid meeting with other people when you’re sick.

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  1. Abbey Ryan Says:

    Bartering is a great phenomenon to bring up, especially in our current economic environment. I am sure artists/freelancers don’t take advantage of this enough. I admit, it isn’t easy to initiate the idea at first (especially if it’s not exactly a peer-peer trade), but I think that’s just the ego getting in the way. For about a year now, I have been bartering my “A Painting a Day” paintings for dental work from a really great dentist. (And he actually hangs the paintings in his office.) I encourage other artists/freelancers to seek out ways to barter — you’ll be surprised how willing and excited people are to do it!
    Keep up the great writing, Marci.
    Abbey Ryan

  2. pati Says:

    Thanks, Marci for two reminders: to do yoga and to be considerate of others (by not exposing them). All the best,


  3. Amy Nathan Says:

    I did try bartering with someone, and it didn’t work because our time/effort wasn’t equal and we both knew it. I find it works well for me to exchange work with another writer so neither of us are paying an editor, even though both of us edit as part of our freelancing.

    I think that like with everything you need balance in the barter process. If someone feels they are not receiving a good value, it doesn’t work.

    Sounds like it will well with the yoga instructor when she’s well!

  4. Kare Anderson Says:

    Another ways of sharing in this uncertain economy, Marci, is to save is literally working closer
    Also to give your stuff to someone who wants what you don’t – and vice versa


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