Where Are They Now: Oscar Smith

Oscar Smith, at ODiesel Studio, his gym in New York's Tribeca

I hadn’t planned to post another “Where Are They Now” interview so soon, but then I learned that Oscar Smith played a role in the recent rescue efforts for the US Airways flight that landed in the Hudson River on January 15. I had to talk to him.

Oscar divides his time between working at his Tribeca gym, O-Diesel, and his job on the “scuba rescue” team of The New York City Police Department. I first wrote about Oscar for my book; later, I profiled him for this blog since he was making some changes to his career. 

These days Oscar is shifting again. He is downsizing his gym business because he has been feeling the strain of managing two full-time careers. I spent some time with Oscar this weekend, hearing about his experience working on the rescue and recovery mission.

Click below to listen to Oscar’s account of his experience that day (recorded and produced by my friend and colleague Barbara Raab).

Oscar's Story

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  1. Mark W. Says:

    I like Oscar’s story here with the audio. I overheard one gal with US Airways say that each person on that flight will be getting $5000. Maybe even some free tickets thrown in. There may be some people that will sue the airline. I would be satisfied with just being able to walk away from it all. Of course I would make it a point of thanking the crew and the other 40 agencies who showed up. :)

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