Retraining Michigan’s Workers for Careers in Film

A few weeks ago I set out to write a story for The New York Times about how people were were managing the financial side of making a career change. I put out feelers on Twitter, Facebook and Peter Shankman’s invaulable “Help a Reporter Outservice, and a few days later I was drowning in personal stories. One woman took in a boarder (a term I hadn’t heard since my grandmother’s stories of life during the Depression) who watched her children while she went to classes in the evenings. Another rented her home out as a vacation property in order to bring income while she did volunteer work overseas. Of course, many took on extra side gigs (slashing by necessity). Others decided to raid whatever was left of an almost depleted 401k. 

Then I stumbled onto an interesting program in Michigan, where Oakland Community College is partnering with S3 Entertainment Group to train laid off workers for new careers in the film industry. That program intrigued me so much that I abandoned my original story idea and just wrote about that.  If you missed it in yesterday’s New York Times, read it here: “A Hollywood Sequel for Michigans Workers.”

I’ll likely get back to that original story idea, so if you know someone doing something creative to finance a career transition, let me know.

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  1. Theresa Barbero Says:

    Great article with good ideas to help others. My site also offers an avenue for people to reinvent themselves.

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