Facebook: It’s a Whole New World

Just when those of us who use Facebook professionally were getting up to speed on profiles vs. pages, and friends vs. fans, Facebook has gone and changed all the rules. I haven’t yet had time to sort it all out, and the redesign won’t take effect until March 11, but since I recently had a two-part guest post about Facebook Fan pages, I wanted to make to do a quick follow-up. Sounds like we should all see how this shakes out before deciding on a Facebook strategy.

This article in Brandweek does a good job of outlining some of the changes, but a few of the notable ones are:

  • users will be able to sort their friends into different categories (e.g. close friends, colleagues, family) and control how often they receive status updates and from whom
  • bloggers and small publishers will no longer have a 5,000 friend limit
  • public pages will have a lot more of the functionality of personal profile pages

Hat tip to Katie Hellmuth, my go-to gal on Facebook, for sending me the Brandweek article.

If anyone has any experience with the redesign, please share it on the blog as we’re all going to be getting to know this new terrain together.

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