Slash Reference That Made Me Smile

This week’s New York magazine profiles Heron Preston who’s described as a “25-year-old marketing strategist intent on cataloguing scenesters around the world.” The photo of his earringed, tattoed and funky-necklaced naked upper body grabs the centerfold of the magazine (where you usually find one of those “as-told-to” pieces on a person with a cool sense of style, which Mr. Preston also manages to have.)

His online business is certainly interesting, but what made me smile was how he described himself:

The marketing term for people like me is “slash/slashers.” Like, I’m doing the yearbook plus my blog and making videos and working at a communications firm called Naked. We don’t want one path — we want to get involved in lots of creative projects.

Yes indeed.

The only thing that would have made me smile bigger is if Mr. Preston mentioned my book. But heck, I’m jazzed about people slashing regardless of whether I get the credit. 

Hat tip to Penelope Trunk for flagging the reference.

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