Internships for the AARP Set (Today Show appearance)

Yesterday I was invited on the Today Show to talk with David Gregory about a new way that some mid-career and older workers are reinventing — internships. I appeared with Ann Hodgman, a 52-year old executive intern at, which is offering a program that allows them to tap the experience of older workers while at the time expose those people to the skills they need to survive in a digital work environment.

Immediately after the segment I got an email from my a cousin of mine in college saying “You mean I now have to compete for internships with my mother’s friends??”

Moments later, her grandmother sent me a message on Facebook saying, “Wow, that’s a great idea for me!”

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  1. pati Says:

    Thank you, Marci.

    This was a great post. It should be broadcast over and over — because it offers hope and energy. David mentioned that you’re working with Yahoo — is that past tense or present tense? Nice work!


  2. heymarci Says:

    Thanks Pati, I am a huge fan of adult internships so I was pleased that the Today Show decided to feature them. As for Yahoo!, you’re very observant. That’s a new relationship. I’m launching a new guest blog for them called “Working the New Economy.” Stay tuned for more details.
    – Marci

  3. Elizabeth Pagano Says:

    Reverse mentoring may be one of the coolest things that comes out of this recession. I so admire Boomers who are now learning from Gen Y mentors. Lois Draegin is another example at WowOWow. See Nice post, Marci – thanks.

  4. Rosalind Joffe aka Says:

    I’m so glad you posted this -about your Today show gig. I wish I’d known about this post when I wrote my post Chronic Illness Discrimination Pains Me (for the career blog: http://What Would Dad Say) about the similarities between age and chronic illness discrimination. Love the concept and this is a great resource . I’ll be sure to blog, twitter and otherwise just refer to it!.

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