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For the next few months I’ll be guest blogging at Yahoo!’s Shine, an online community for women. “Working the New Economy,” is going to focus on the bright lights in the world of work. Not because I’m oblivious to the news, but because there are bright lights.

Lots of people are trying their hand at entrepreneurship, volunteerism is up, social entrepreneurship is gaining traction. People are investing in themselves and reinventing through inexpensive (or free) educational tools.

I’ll be looking at the tools of the new workforce, the mindset you need to succeed, and the nuts and bolts of how to make various moves.¬†The advice and stories I’ll be highlighting should get you thinking about how to make changes and moves in your own life.

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Got ideas? Please tell me.

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2 Responses to “My Guest Blog on Yahoo!’s Shine”

  1. Ananda Leeke Says:

    Congratulations Marci! This is great news.

    Today, Bella Online Life Coaching Columnist Leah Mullen mentioned your book in her introduction about my interview with her. Click here:

    Last year I read your book and was so inspired. It really helped me dive deeper into my slash careers. Thanks.

    Many blessings, Ananda

  2. Joseph Sunga Says:

    Congrats as well Marci. Similar to Edufire and TutorVista, we here at help local experts / teachers build their business and get more students for their classes and lessons. It’s been interesting to see a bit of an increase in teaching since the economy headed the other direction.

    It’s been exciting to be in a space where we can provide the opportunity for folks to share things they’re experts at. Here’s an example of how voice teachers are buckling down and book strapping their businesses:

    Just signed up for the RSS, and looking forward to the updates.


    Community Developer @

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