7 Deadly Sins of Networking, And How to Avoid Them

At a time when nearly all of us are scrambling for opportunities and helping others to do the same, people are in networking overdrive. Not a day goes by that I don’t get a few emails from friends seeking introductions to other friends. All that connecting carries a huge risk of mistakes and missteps. Here’s just a sampling of the many ways that well-intentioned attempts at networking can go wrong, and some simple ways to do better.

1.  Asking for an introduction when you are too busy to properly follow up. We’ve all been there. You learn that someone you know knows someone you want to know and you are champing at the bit. You shoot off an email without much deliberation, the person replies promptly (since you have a mutual contact), and because you’re completely swamped, you find it impossible to make time to meet.

Next time you learn that one of your contacts knows someone you want to know, file that information away and tell your friend you might ask for an intro when you’re less busy. {Read the rest at Yahoo!}

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