How to Hire a Career Coach

You’re stuck. You want to change careers and can’t figure out how or what you’re even good at. Maybe you’ve been on scores of interviews, but no one’s biting.  Or worse, you’ve sent out hundreds of cover letters and resumes and the phone is not ringing. These are all indicators that it might be time to hire a career coach.

When I changed careers nearly 10 years ago, hiring a coach completely jumpstarted my process. Career changes and job searches take a long time and I’m impatient. I also had a lot of fear and anxiety about the process and I didn’t want to overburden supportive friends and family with my constant need to talk about my process. I figured that working with a professional who’d seen hundreds of others through transitions was a way to speed things up. And it did. I used my coach for about 8 sessions to come up with a plan and a strategy; after that, I called her for advice now and then, but mostly felt comfortable on my own.

Here’s some things to think about if you’re wondering whether it’s time to bring in a pro to help moves things along: {Read the rest at Yahoo!}

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