How to Figure out What You’re Worth

Ever wonder how much you’d earn if you changed jobs or careers? Curious about what your colleagues make, what your boss makes or what other people doing jobs like yours earn? Now there’s a way to find out. Or at least a way to get awfully close.

A new site,, has taken a lot of the mystery out of who makes what. Hop onto the site and plug in the name of a company and a position and then see what comes up. If the employer is one for which doesn’t yet have data, then you’ll have to be satisfied with looking at a company where you think the pay is comparable. You can also put an occupation title into the search bar and get some answers about what that job function commands at a variety of different companies in different cities.

Knowledge is worth a lot in all kinds of negotiations — from deciding on a job offer to figuring out if you’re being offered a proper annual review — and with information like this, you can be armed before you go into those conversations. also posts employee reviews on different employers, which can be juicy reading. {Read the rest at Yahoo!}

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