Proud of your multitasking? Think again.

Today’s post comes out of desperation.

I spend my days toggling between computer windows. I start reading something, take a break to check email or Twitter, chase a link and open another window, telling myself I’ll get back to that first window later. I return to the item I was working on, many moments later, only to have completely lost my train of thought. At the end of the day, I close down the computer with some 20 or 30 windows open. If I’m using Firefox, my good fortune (or punishment) is that the next time I start up, those windows greet me anew, creating a virtual to-do list that I’m just as unlikely to get to as I was when I first opened each of them.

My multitasking is not confined to my laptop. While preparing my morning tea, I might be paying a bill and getting it ready for the mail, fixing the dog’s food and my own cereal, and trying to pay attention to the morning news. (After all, we should be able to do things while just “listening” since that’s we do while driving.) As my fiance passes me on his way to the shower, I kiss him and half-heartedly engage in a “what are we doing tonight” exchange while still trying to listen to the news. I’m waiting for the day the dog’s kibble ends up in my cereal bowl. {Read the rest at Yahoo!}

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