Business cards go creative, and cheap

Recently I went to a conference without any business cards. When people asked me about it, I said I was “going green” and saving paper, but in truth, I just forgot. I know. That’s a weird move for a career columnist. But in my case, business cards don’t serve much use anymore. I have a website and email address so easy to remember that if anyone wants to find me, all they need to do is remember to spell Marci with an “i” not a “y.” And you can find me on pretty much any social network.

That said, I’m in the minority on this one. As I quickly learned when I wondered aloud on Twitter whether people still care about business cards now that so much of our contact information is posted online. Moments after my tweet, I was barraged with messages from people who are still clinging closely to their business cards. Job hunters need them. Those seeking clients need them. And if you’re dealing with people from other cultures, proper business cards are expected. {Read the rest at Yahoo!}

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