Getting a self-employed mindset: 5 questions for Pamela Slim

I was raised with business in the background and the foreground. When I was in middle school, my parents bought their first motel — a small beachfront property on the Jersey Shore — and moved our family into an apartment on the second floor. We lived like that, alongside my parents’ work, for the rest of my teen years until I went off to college. Working for yourself feels natural to me, so it’s not all that surprising that I followed their path. But the model of self-employment I’ve chosen is worlds apart from theirs. They ran a physical business with employees and property. I work entirely on my own, with a laptop, a phone, a virtual assistant and a rotating group of colleagues and clients.

Like it or not, more people are going to be joining the ranks of the self-employed whether they do it in my parents’ style, in mine, or in some other way altogether.

If you didn’t grow up with entrepreneurship in your DNA, one way to catch up is to study at the heels of Pamela Slim, a consultant, life coach and blogger whose new book, Escape from Cubicle Nation, is a roadmap to self-employment. I chatted with Slim about how the current economy is affecting people striking out on their own, how to launch a business on the side, and whether it’s possible to warm to self-employment when it’s not your natural inclination. {Read the rest at Yahoo!}

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