Would you let a web site make decisions for you?

I spend a lot of time thinking about improving the way I make decisions so I was intrigued to learn that two new Web sites Let Simon Decide and Hunch, offer free services to help on that front. At first, I thought the whole idea of going online to work on making decisions sounded hokey, but I have a weakness for tests that promise to help with self-awareness and these sites have a little of the same feeling.

If you like to make lists of pros and cons, you’ll probably like Let Simon Decide, which feels like the more serious of the two. Simon (as the site likes to be called) is promoting itself as a tool to make career decisions, among other things, so I spent some time checking it out. To start, the site takes you through a series of questions to identify your decision-making style (e.g. When you buy a car, do you research different models, specs and costs or buy it based on how it looks, or a little of both?). You also get a chance to identify your goals, your current life situation, your personality type, and your favorite activities. Once you’ve filled in all of this — or at any time in the process – you can jump over to the “make a decision now” red button and get started.

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