5 ways to use Twitter in your career

My colleague, Sarah Milstein, just wrote a book on Twitter (conveniently called “The Twitter Book”). Before her book came out, I liked to think of Sarah as my own private Twitter tutor. She was the 21st user of the service and tried to get me interested in it back in 2006. I resisted. I couldn’t see why I’d want yet another communication tool in my already over-communicated life. Once I got started though, I had a fairly typical Twitter path, moving from resistance to hooked in a matter of weeks. I recently read that Twitter is a little like coffee. It tastes awful at first, but then suddenly you’re addicted. (Anyone know where I read this so I can give credit?)

I asked Sarah to collaborate with me on a post about five ways to use Twitter in your career. If you’ve never even visited Twitter.com, this is a good primer on how to set up an account and get started. If you’re already on the service, but still don’t really get it, read this.

And now, our five tips: {Read the rest at Yahoo!}

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  1. Manisha Thakor Says:

    Super helpful article, thanks Marci! You have such a gift for taking large, unwieldy topics and boiling them down to simple, practical, actionable steps. It’s such a delight to read your column. Off to order Sarah’s Twitter book and to put into practice tip #5 and master the 80/20 balance. Already looking forward to your next piece!

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