Will “Generation Y” reinvent the workplace?

A recent article from Psychology Today contend that Millennials (individuals born roughly from the early 1980s through the late 1990s, also known as Generation Y) are poised to take over the workplace.

The article declares that these newest entrants to the workforce were “raised by parents who often acted more like friends and mentors. So Gen Y comes to the negotiating table with unprecedented confidence about what kind of workplace they want.”

When I read articles like this, I’m of two minds. On on hand, I’m endlessly fascinated with the different generational characteristics that researchers have discovered between Generation X, Generation Y and Baby Boomers. On the other hand, descriptions about the characteristics of these generations often sound like they’ve come out of a fortune cookie or horoscope. Take this quote from that Psychology Today article: {Read the rest at Yahoo!}

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One Response to “Will “Generation Y” reinvent the workplace?”

  1. marci Says:

    I believe Gen Y is already on their way with changing the workplace. There are hundreds, probably more (I don’t really know how many), of people making money online through blogs, ads, writing content, etc. There’s also job availability for some people to keep up with their social media sites for them. If someone gets too large of a following on Twitter, then they need someone to reply and respond to messages for them, same with Facebook. Work is beginning to become more Web 2.0 and I think it will only expand even further.

    P.S. I like your name btw! Mine’s Marci too. :)

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