How to ask for help

For a long time, I had difficulty asking for help. I felt more comfortable on the giving side of things and feared that if I regularly asked others for help I’d take advantage of their kindness. Then I realized that most successful people know how and when to ask for help. And that most people are inclined to offer help when asked (research backs this up.)

So I started asking, and good things happened as a result of it. I got smart advice. I got support from others. And I probably made a lot of people feel good that I respected them enough to seek their counsel.

Every day I get at least one email or call asking for help with something — a request for an introduction, a recommendation, advice on how to find a job. Some of these requests are easy to answer, and in those cases, I respond quickly, either by doing the thing requested of me or explaining why I can’t. Others leave me frustrated with the questioner. And when I’m frustrated it’s usually for a variation of the same few reasons. The person didn’t ask a proper question; the person didn’t appear to have done any work to solve the problem on her own; or she was coming to me for something that I wasn’t really in a position to help with.

Based on these experiences, I’ve developed some guidelines for how I ask for help: {Read the rest at Yahoo!}

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  1. Lee NYC Says:

    Synchronicity! I just started looking for a new job buddy, and your email arrived.

    Big fan of the 5 o’clock method; in fact, had two previous job buddies. Both succeeded in finding jobs (apparently, I offer good advice :-). My background is in digital and broadcast media, currently employed part-time. Interested in either a group or one-on-one.

    Please forward my address to Deborah or other other interested parties:

    Many thanks! Do enjoy your updates, will have to start following you on Twitter! Best, Lee

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