Tired of working alone? Try coworking

I’ve worked on my own for nearly ten years. But thanks to a band of fellow free agents, freelancers and entrepreneurs, I’ve often worked alongside other solo workers. I like the company. And I like having someone to bounce ideas around with.  For ages, I worked this way without having a name for it. Then the phrase coworking sprung up to define a movement in which people who choose to share a workspace, usually with a common sensibility and set of values.

Coworking has many flavors. There are free public spaces and fee-based communities, and often they are organized around a common mission like environmental consciousness or supporting women entrepreneurs. There are also ad hoc arrangements (Friend #1 via text: Wanna co-work today? Friend #2: your place or mine?).  And who says you have to be working to coworking? Looking for a job with others around you could be a good way to keep motivation up and ensure that you’ll have structure and camaraderie in your life.

As someone who has enjoyed the benefits of working on my own, with others, here’s my take on things to ponder if you want a successful coworking situation: {Read the rest at Yahoo!}

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