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If you spend any amount of time online, you’ve probably needed to post a head shot or other image of yourself. If you’re lazy, you leave the photo area blank or go with a random photo you have lying around. But some folks are adopting avatars, those tiny cartoon-y images which are becoming increasingly common.

During the election, Obamicons (avatars in the style of the iconic Shepard Fairy Obama poster) were flooding the Web thanks to a free program offered on Paste Magazine’s website. Now, during the “Mad Men” frenzy, images like the one here are cropping up, courtesy of the “MadMenYourself” campaign on the show’s site.

So, why would you want one of these avatars? I’ve been talking to lots of folks who use them, and here’s what I’ve learned: {Read the rest at Yahoo!}

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  1. marci Says:

    Avatars are great for anonymity. I went to one of my friend’s sites and created a cartoon-version of me and use that one for a lot of sites. I love it! I love her creativity and artwork in how she created the avatars. It may be less personable for other people to see when they’re talking to you, but I think once you’ve established an online relationship with them, they trust you are a real person even with an avatar.

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