LinkedIn for complicated resumes

Creating a LinkedIn profile is pretty straightforward when you have a job with a well-defined title. But I’ve been getting questions lately about how to create a profile on LinkedIn when what you’re doing isn’t so tidy. Two scenarios that come up a lot are how to create one of these profiles if you have a slash career (e.g. yoga instructor/caterer), or if you’re unemployed (or, as they say, consulting).

There’s some overlap between the two scenarios because in both cases you are taking what feels like a standard tool and tailoring it to fit your needs. And the good news is that when you spend a little time with it, LinkedIn allows for a lot of customizing.

Here are a few ideas: {Read the rest at Yahoo!}

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  1. Eric Schifone Says:

    It is very important especially if you have a slash career to post both jobs as current. Many hiring managers are on linkedin searching for passive candidates to fill their jobs. One of linkedin’s advanced search criteria is “current, current/previous and previous.” Other things that helps your linkedin account are recommendations, # of connections, image, title(s), etc.

    Best Of Luck To All!

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