5 Tricks for Wicked Good Writing

Last spring, I took a writing workshop led by Constance Hale, who is well known in literary circles as an extraordinary teacher. The workshop was based on her book, Sin and Syntax, and in about an hour, Hale transformed the way I think about writing sentences and spinning out paragraphs. At Hale’s feet, we students were like children learning language for the first time, as we played games like the one in which we competed to replace the verb walk with the most sizzling synonyms (like gambol, shamble, lumber, lurch, sway, swagger, and sashay).

Hale specializes in helping professional writers to write better, cleaner prose. But she’s also worked with lawyers, CEOs, P.R. and marketing types, and others who write as part of their jobs. Her philosophy was informed by years as an editor at Wired magazine, where she says the magazine’s staff was consumed with presenting technological concepts in a way that was lively, fresh and human.

I asked Hale for some every day tips that will transform writing from lackluster to vivid — whether it’s in an email, a cover letter, a pitch for new business, or even a status update on Facebook.  Here’s what she recommends: {Read the rest at Yahoo!}

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  1. Manisha Thakor Says:

    Mmmmm, devoured this piece & immediately unearthed my thesaurus. Visualizing concise missives spewing forth from my fingers. Long live nouns & verbs. Once again, Marci, you exercise your readers’ brains – thank you!

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