One Person/Multiple Careers: Press Release


February 2007
Contact: Tanisha Christie, Publicist
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“Marci Alboher is the Walt Whitman of the new world of work.”
—Daniel H. Pink, author of A Whole New Mind and Free Agent Nation

“First there were yuppies, then DINKs (double income, no kids). Now there are slashes.”
The Kansas City Star


Imagine if your work allowed you to use all your talents and pursue all your interests — not just the ones that pay your rent, but also the ones that float your boat. Sounds impossible right? It isn’t, as many successful men and women can now attest.

ONE PERSON/MULTIPLE CAREERS: A New Model For Work/Life Success by Marci Alboher (February 23, 2007/$14.99) charts a new path to career satisfaction: becoming a “slash.” Be they lawyer/ministers, recruiter/innkeepers, or CEO/moms, the true winners in today’s workplace are those who cultivate multiple passions, talents and income streams to create satisfying work lives. Celebrities like Bono and P. Diddy — with their boundary crossing reinventions — are emblematic of this new way to think about a career.

ONE PERSON/MULTIPLE CAREERS is the product of hundreds of in-depth interviews with people who have built fulfilling slash lives in the modern world of work. Blending compelling stories and real-world advice, this guide includes:

  • Tricks for seamlessly acquiring new skills while managing an existing career
  • Tips for better tackling time management
  • Innovative ideas for creating business cards, resumes and websites that properly portray a slash-filled life
  • Secrets for creating and capitalizing on the synergies that exist between seemingly unrelated careers.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Marci Alboher is a journalist/author/speaker who lives the “/” life. A former corporate lawyer, Marci is a regular contributor to The New York Times and other national publications where she writes about workplace issues, entrepreneurship, and travel. Marci leads nonfiction writing workshops at the JCC of Manhattan, the Makor/Steinhardt Center of the 92nd St. Y, and other venues. She is also a private writing coach and sought after speaker on workplace issues and careers in nonfiction writing. For more information about Marci, visit


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