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A Peek at the Future of Work

A conversation with the author and consultant, Patricia Martin, about a new set of values that is shaping the workplace.

My New Blog at the New York Times

Big news about my blogging. Since last week, I’ve been blogging for The New York Times (that’s why it’s been so quiet over here!). The blog is called Shifting Careers, and it will be the daily complement to my twice-monthly Shifting Careers column. (If you haven’t been keeping up with the column, you can read all the past ones here.) I’m posting almost daily to the blog, so be sure to subscribe to the blog’s feed here to stay current.

While I get up to speed on the NYT blog, Heymarci will go a little quiet. But I expect to begin posting again soon, with a slightly different focus. So stay tuned, and keep it on your feed if you subscribe.


Self-promotion, revisited

In today’s Shifting Careers column at I revisited the always-popular terrain of self-promotion, with a specific focus on introverts, who tend to have an even more difficult time than most tooting their own horns.


My Q & A with Herminia Ibarra (

For today’s Shifting Careers column at I got a chance to interview Herminia Ibarra, author of Working Identity, my all-time favorite book about careers. Ibarra, who has spent the past several years working in France had interesting insights about European vs. Americans attitudes towards work/leisure/unplugging.


Entrepreneurship, with a twist (

Today, my Shifting Careers column for the New York Times covers three new books on entrepreneurship, each focusing on a different niche. I’m partial to books that describe types of workplace breeds, so it’s not surprising these books — one about “Grindhoppers,” one about “anti 9-to5 women,” and one about “parentpreneurs” — appealed to me.

Questions from the recent grads (

Today my Shifting Careers column for The New York Times is a roundtable with questions from recent college wandering through what I call “the decade of drift.”

You can read it here:
“Young, Confused and in Need of Coaching”

If you happen to be one of those wanderers, or happen to live with any, work with any, or just care about understanding this period of life as it is lived today, make sure to read The Quarterlife Crisis by Abby Wilner and Alexandra Robbins and The Quarterlifer’s Companion, a follow-up book by Wilner and Cathy Stocker (with a very long subtitle I’ve left out.) These folks have also started an online community with some nifty resources (job listings, info on health insurance, links to online dating sites.)

In other Monday news, Penelope Trunk just linked to my blog in a post about using slashes on business cards. Her writings on “braided lives” will be interesting for anyone already on the slash bandwagon.

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Is self-promotion a women’s problem?

The avalanche of emails responding to my Shifting Careers column on self-promotion continues. When I wrote that column, I didn’t think self-promotion was a women’s issue and I know that many men — and many folks who were just raised to think being humble is good manners — also have a problem with it. But a lot of the experts and commentators believe that women have a harder time with it than men.

Lisa Cullen,’s workplace blogger (the unidentified friend who called me a “master of self-promotion”), blogged about my column. For her, it all came down to the estrogen factor. Read what she has to say here.

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Creating buzz around your ideas (

Yesterday, my Shifting Careers column at The New York Times online focused on ways to create buzz about your ideas. Based on the flood of reader emails I’ve been getting, I’m not the only one interested in this subject. If you have any tips to share — especially ideas for those who are uncomfortable about self-promotion and/or who can’t afford outside p.r. help, please share them in the comments. (There’s no way to comment on the NYT website yet, so leave your comments on the blog.)

Here’s the article, “Tools and Tips to Create Buzz Around Your Ideas.”

Note: Through some weird URL glitch, the link to the 360 Profiler mentioned in the first paragraph was published incorrectly. If you want to try the tool, click here.

Just stumbled on this article on “The Single Greatest Marketing Tool” that does a good job of explaining public relations — from both a do-it-yourself and a hire-an-expert perspective.

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Good Self-Promoter, an Oxymoron? (

This week my Shifting Careers column at the New York Times online talks about getting comfortable with self-promotion, something we all need to do these days. Read the column here.

Last week, my friend Gretchen over at the Happiness-Project, wrote about reframing. That post helped me to figure out that my biggest problem with being called a good self-promoter was the language. I know I’m good at self-promotion. Just not sure I like those words. It’s a lot like how I feel about networking — essential skill, bad image.

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