The Delights of Auto-Googling

By now, we all admit to Googling ourselves from time to time. But if you really want to keep track of how you’re looking online, you should be using Google news alerts. (For authors or entrepreneurs, I’d suggest doing one under your business or book’s name as well.) That way you can keep track of online mentions of yourself and your book as they happen. Each time a new page that mentions your search term is added to the Internet (or updated, or something like that…techies please explain if you know how it works as I can’t figure it out), you’ll get an email with a link to the reference. Obviously, Google news alerts are handy for anything else you want to track. I tend to use them when I’m going to interview someone who’s in the news a lot to make sure that I don’t miss articles mentioning the person before my interview.

If you aren’t familiar with Google news alerts, this FAQ explains how to use them.

Without Google news alerts, I would have never found this blog entry about my new column. And I might not have known about this author, Michelle Goodman, who has a new book, “The Anti 9-5 Guide” I will definitely be reading. I’m hoping it’s as smart and funny as her web site/blog.


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