Artist/Mother, An Uneasy Marriage

A new documentary film explores the tension between being a mother and building a career as an artist.

Slash Careers Gaining Popularity in Norway

Generation Slash

Norway’s leading business publication, Dagens Næringsliv (The Norwegian Business Daily), recently ran a lengthy feature on slash careers.

Check out the beautiful spread here: Generation Slash


Call for Canadian Slashes!

A Canadian journalist is working on an article about slash careers and is seeking to interview people in Canada. If you have an interesting slash career and would like to be interviewed, please contact her ASAP by email at


A (New) Slash Community Grows Online

I just discovered yet another online hangout for slashes, a page on Squidoo called “Slash” Careers: The Man of Many Hats. It’s run by Aaron Klieber, whom I don’t know (yet), but I’m thrilled to see another place pulling together resources for all things slash.


Today’s Wall Street Journal Covers Slash Careers

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a nice feature on slash careers, written by Toddi Gutner. It includes the stories of two people from the book — Dan Milstein (computer programmer/theater director) and Karl Hampe (consultant/cartoonist) — and has a nifty slide show with photos of Dan and Karl.

I know it’s been a little quiet over here at All my blogging energy is going to Shifting Careers at the New York Times. There’s plenty of slash talk over there (as well as daily postings about other ways to think smart about our careers), so if you’re not reading it, please do visit and sign up for the RSS feed.

Also, if you’re interested in being part of a greater community of slash types, join the “slash careers” group on Facebook.


Slash Careers on the Today Show!

Today was an exciting moment for me and for anyone else who has been following the growing interest in the slash effect. The Today show did a segment on slash careers this morning and they featured two especially inspiring people from the book, Deborah Rivera, an executive recruiter/chef-hotelier, and Rashid Silvera, a high school teacher/fashion model. You can get a glimpse of each of them in their dual lives, and see photos of some other folks from the book on this video clip.

Also pictured in the segment were Bonnie Duncan, a dancer/teacher/puppeteer, Alex von Bidder, a restaurateur/yoga instructor, and Bob Alper, a rabbi/stand-up comic.

Baby boomers juggling more jobs
Baby boomers juggling more jobs


Slash "/" Careers on Facebook

I have joined the growing numbers of authors on Facebook! If you’re already a Facebook member, check out the conversation that is getting started on my new Slash “/” Careers group, where people in all stages of slash careers are invited to share stories, tips, and questions. If you’re not on Facebook, consider checking it out. I was surprised to see how many people I know are already on Facebook, and it’s been fun/interesting connecting with people in a new way.

I’m hoping the the Facebook page turns into a rich discussion of slash living that so many people have been asking me for.

I am also looking for a handful of savvy slashes from the Facebook group to feature on the Heymarci Blog. If you have a website, blog, portfolio, resume, or video that showcases your “slash” identity in an innovative way, please consider sharing it on the Slash “/” Careers group discussion board – or just stop by for a little slash inspiration. I hope to see you there!


If You Have Seven Minutes, Watch This! (And if you don’t have seven minutes, why not?)

Dan Milstein and Bonnie Duncan, a married couple, can’t help being creative. Dan is an actor/director/theater company founder/computer programmer. Bonnie is a dancer/puppeteer/costume designer/trapeze artist/arts educator. But those labels are too limiting because every time I hear from them they are cultivating new slashes. Most recently, they have become indie YouTube filmmakers. Their debut short is Killing Time, soon to become a cult classic, I’m sure. They’ve got two more in production and I’ll post those as soon as they’re ready.

Here’s the film. Following it are excerpts from my email Q&A with the filmmakers. Wait to read it until you’ve seen the film as it kind of gives away the plot. I apologize for the funky spacing below..some kind of Blogger glitch I can’t seem to fix.
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Gery Deer, The Whip Master

Months ago, when my book first came out, Gery Deer, from Ohio, wrote me one of my first real “fan” letters. Here’s how he started his note:

I have been a ‘slash’ as you call it my entire life. I have always had multiple interests and had more than one ‘job’ or ‘business’ running at a time. I wanted to thank you for putting down into words what describes my lifestyle. I have always bumped heads with ‘normal’ people and folks who believe that your occupation is who and what you are – period. To them, I’ve always seemed like someone with NO focus since I was capable of many.

What I loved about his note is that he included links to various URLs that helped explain the different things he spends his time on: an entertainment and talent referral agency, a computer consultancy (“supposed to be the breadwinner but is falling behind”), his whip artistry studio, the family band, and his freelance writing. It was all nicely explained in his online bio describing him as a writer/speaker/entertainer/consultant.
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Questions from the recent grads (

Today my Shifting Careers column for The New York Times is a roundtable with questions from recent college wandering through what I call “the decade of drift.”

You can read it here:
“Young, Confused and in Need of Coaching”

If you happen to be one of those wanderers, or happen to live with any, work with any, or just care about understanding this period of life as it is lived today, make sure to read The Quarterlife Crisis by Abby Wilner and Alexandra Robbins and The Quarterlifer’s Companion, a follow-up book by Wilner and Cathy Stocker (with a very long subtitle I’ve left out.) These folks have also started an online community with some nifty resources (job listings, info on health insurance, links to online dating sites.)

In other Monday news, Penelope Trunk just linked to my blog in a post about using slashes on business cards. Her writings on “braided lives” will be interesting for anyone already on the slash bandwagon.

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