Student Testimonials

“Marci is a phenomenal instructor! She excels at providing support and motivation at the same time – every time I work with her, I accomplish more of my goals.”

Julie Negrin
Culinary and Nutrition Educator
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“Marci’s class is fantastic not only because she knows the ins and outs of freelancing, but also because she is a patient, encouraging and experienced instructor for writers of all levels, from first-timers to those who are already established.”

Harlan Protass
Sample Clips: LA Times, Slate

“Marci’s class instantly honed in on where my writing skills needed improvement. She is a tremendous teacher.”

Elizabeth Wolf

“This class showed me that you can leave corporate life and make a freelance writing career work!”

Cathy Boyle Almeida
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“[Marci's class] helped me lay the groundwork for a career change I had wanted to make for a long time. Her enthusiasm for the written word is infectious.”

Marsha Lebedev Bernstein
Sample Clip: Chelsea Now

“Marci Alboher shows you the secrets of how to pitch and how to get published and makes even the greenest writer feel part of the community of writers. Plus she is an absolute scream in class.”

Bruce Cogan (recovering lawyer)
Sample: Princeton Alumni Weekly

“I’m an attorney who has always wanted to write books. Marci’s class gave me a great foundation of knowledge, motivation, as well as practical tips to actually get a writing project off the ground. The result was my very first book written and published!”

Ron Idra
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“Taking [Marci's] class opened my mind to possibilities and creativity: I am now carrying a little notebook with me all the time to jot things down. I feel hopeful and have goals for writing.”

Claudia Boynton
Publications include The Central Barker and Heal Magazine

“I left every class feeling excited and motivated, but most important I carried away practical information, tips, and contacts. Marci’s weekly assignments kick-started me into producing work and meeting deadlines.”

Terésa Stern
Sample Clip: The Brooklyn Rail


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