Taking Stock of Life’s Options While at Business School

In a guest post, Ricky Opaterny, a first-year business school student at N.Y.U., asks the big questions surrounding his return to the classroom.

Taking Stock of Life’s Options While at Business School

Computing in the Cloud, With Suspenders

The Art of the Farewell E-Mail

Some reflections -- and an example -- of how to craft the perfect mass e-mail advising contacts of a change in job status.

Your Brain on Google

Cyberspace allows us to digest information in bite-sized nuggets. But an author ponders the effect of all this mental hopscotching on our ability to read books and engage in sustained thought.


5 Time-Management Tricks

Five tips for getting ahead of yourself at work.


The Delights of Auto-Googling

By now, we all admit to Googling ourselves from time to time. But if you really want to keep track of how you’re looking online, you should be using Google news alerts. (For authors or entrepreneurs, I’d suggest doing one under your business or book’s name as well.) That way you can keep track of online mentions of yourself and your book as they happen. Each time a new page that mentions your search term is added to the Internet (or updated, or something like that…techies please explain if you know how it works as I can’t figure it out), you’ll get an email with a link to the reference. Obviously, Google news alerts are handy for anything else you want to track. I tend to use them when I’m going to interview someone who’s in the news a lot to make sure that I don’t miss articles mentioning the person before my interview.

If you aren’t familiar with Google news alerts, this FAQ explains how to use them.

Without Google news alerts, I would have never found this blog entry about my new NYT.com column. And I might not have known about this author, Michelle Goodman, who has a new book, “The Anti 9-5 Guide” I will definitely be reading. I’m hoping it’s as smart and funny as her web site/blog.


Heymarci @ Google!

I don’t like to play favorites, but this Friday, I have a speaking gig that I am more than a little excited about. I’ll be doing the Authors@Google series (Visit the site at your own risk. You may never return).

I’ll be sharing the stage with Tim Ferriss, author of The Four Hour Work Week, whose Amazon rank has been hovering at around #10 for more than a week now (I bet I check as much as he does!)

I am a little nervous people might not show because apparently it’s a busy day at the Googleplex. John McCain is also speaking (after us). And everyone is going to see the new Spiderman movie as a company field trip. But a friend told me that maybe it’s good McCain is speaking as it will bring some of the telecommuters onto campus.

There’s a touch of irony about giving a talk about improving your work/life mix on a day when the potential audience is struggling with these kinds of stressful decisions:

1) Should I go to work today?
2) Should I see John Mccain speak?
3) What time should I do the Spiderman field trip?

A typical work day when you work for a company that’s always showing up at the top of those “best companies to work for” lists.

Google posts all author talks at YouTube, so you can watch it here.


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