Need to Learn a New Skill? Try the Web

How to learn just about anything -- without leaving the comfort of your office.

Questions for’s Gina Trapani

An interview with Gina Trapani, an online productivity expert.

Your Brain on Google

Cyberspace allows us to digest information in bite-sized nuggets. But an author ponders the effect of all this mental hopscotching on our ability to read books and engage in sustained thought.


Making Long-Distance Partnerships Work


When Everyone’s a “Friend,” What’s a Friend?

What does it mean to be a friend online?


The Web 2.0 Résumé

Is the old-fashioned paper résumé on its last legs?


A (New) Slash Community Grows Online

I just discovered yet another online hangout for slashes, a page on Squidoo called “Slash” Careers: The Man of Many Hats. It’s run by Aaron Klieber, whom I don’t know (yet), but I’m thrilled to see another place pulling together resources for all things slash.


Blogging as a Low-Cost, High Return Marketing Tool


Mastering the Out-of-Office Message

A good out-of-office message should both provide the necessary information and protect you from a barrage of unnecessary message when you return to the office.


Slash "/" Careers on Facebook

I have joined the growing numbers of authors on Facebook! If you’re already a Facebook member, check out the conversation that is getting started on my new Slash “/” Careers group, where people in all stages of slash careers are invited to share stories, tips, and questions. If you’re not on Facebook, consider checking it out. I was surprised to see how many people I know are already on Facebook, and it’s been fun/interesting connecting with people in a new way.

I’m hoping the the Facebook page turns into a rich discussion of slash living that so many people have been asking me for.

I am also looking for a handful of savvy slashes from the Facebook group to feature on the Heymarci Blog. If you have a website, blog, portfolio, resume, or video that showcases your “slash” identity in an innovative way, please consider sharing it on the Slash “/” Careers group discussion board – or just stop by for a little slash inspiration. I hope to see you there!


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