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From lawyer/chefs to surgeon/playwrights and mom/CEOs, today’s most fulfilling lives are the ones filled with slashes. One Person/Multiple Careersis essential reading for anyone who is loathe to answer “What do you do?” with a singular definition.Marci interviewed hundreds of people pursuing multiple careers simultaneously — from a longshoreman/documentary filmmaker to a management consultant/cartoonist — and discovered how slash careers integrate and fully express the multiple passions, talents, and interests that a single career often cannot accommodate. The book is a blueprint for building a life filled with slashes and custom-blending a career.


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“Meet the Slashies… the savvy Londoners holding down more than one job” in The London Evening Standard

“Double Duty” in Australian Vogue March 2012 (pdf)

Slashing in France: An article in Le Monde Trois boulots sinon rien.

From Visao (in Portugese): Paixao & talento (PDF)

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The Today Show covers One Person/Multiple Careers and the slash career phenomenon.

Click for video: Baby boomers juggling more jobs


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The Wall Street Journal, February 5, 2008
Doubling Up on Careers Suits More Workers
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Business Week, December 3, 2007
Why Settle for Just One Line of Work

Business Week, June 23, 2007
Unleashing Your Many Identities
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From the International Herald Tribune (read the full story here):

“This is the perfect book for people who already have a good handle on their skills and interests but feel that they cannot be realized within the same field.”


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From Lifehacker’s Gina Tripani (read the full post here):

The read for anyone who wants to crawl under their desk and die at the idea that they’ll be cranking one particular type of widget the rest of their career lives.”

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From the Kansas City Star (read the full story here):

“First there were yuppies (young urban professionals), then DINKs (double income, no kids). Now there are slashes.”

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NPR’s Walt Bodine Show, February 22, 2007
Multiple Careers
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The Globe and Mail, June 2008
Bored with your job? Get Slashing
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St. Louis Magazine, June 2008
Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning Herald, reprinted in The Press (New Zealand), Nov. 15, 2007
The Benefits of Doubling Up


Multimedia Appearances

Watch Marci with author Tim Ferriss as part of the “Authors at Google” series.

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What Thought Leaders Are Saying:

“This groundbreaking book identifies a new model of work and explains a future that’s already arrived.” – Gretchen Rubin, New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Project

“Marci Alboher is the Walt Whitman of the new world of work. She realizes that we are large, that we contain multitudes. With deftly told stories and plenty of smart advice, Alboher shows how multiple professions and multiple identities can converge into a unified–and better–life. If what you do feels out of sync with who you are, this may be the most important book you read this year.” –Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive

What Readers Are Saying:

“I found One Person/Multiple Careers to be un-put-down-able.” – Nancy Weiser, Mom/Health counselor

“I found Ms. Alboher’s book to be thoroughly inspiring, well-written and nicely paced. As a fellow slash, perhaps I am biased, but after reading this, it’s hard to not feel a bit sorry for non-slashes. This should be required reading for all soon-to-be college graduates and anyone who is even remotely dissatisfied with their career. Bravo!” – Ryan Nerz, Brooklyn, NY

“It’s been awhile since I read a book that I wanted to recommend to career and business clients. This one makes the cut.” – Dr. Cathy Goodwin

“This is a fantastic book. As a lawyer, I’ve thought many times of quitting the practice of law. This book showed me that instead of leaving one career for another, I could simply become a slash. Since reading this book, I have made a career change. I recommend this book without hesitation to anyone looking to try a new career or simply put a new spin on their job.” – Noeleen Walder, New York, NY

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