The Secrets of Smart Freelancers: 5 Questions for Michelle Goodman

<The freelance marketplace is a cauldron of activity. Those of us who have been at it for years are finding work from the very employers who have been showing employees the door. And many of those exiting employees are realizing that it’s about time to acquire some freelancing skills — whether for short-term survival or long-term livelihood.

When it comes to dispensing smart advice about freelancing, there is no greater guide than Michelle Goodman, author of the books, The “Anti 9-to-5 Guide” and “My So-Called Freelance Life.” Not only does Goodman have the answers to the most vexing questions about freelancing, she is also a vocal advocate for the rights of freelancers, and for reminding independent workers to speak up for ourselves. Below is Goodman’s wisdom on how to survive and thrive as a freelancer today.

Marci: Freelancing must be more competitive than ever with all the formerly employed folks now in the game — is there enough to go around? {Read the rest at Yahoo!}


3 Easy Ways Email Can Jumpstart a Career

In addition to my usual career-related activities, I have been working overtime lately talking with friends, family members and colleagues who have recently lost their jobs or are concerned about where the job market and economy are going. I’ve decided to share some of the things I’m telling them with you, so that we can all join in on spreading good career karma.

We all love bitching about email, but when it comes to simple and free tools that can jumpstart a career, nothing beats it. Here’s three easy things you can do with email to help your career, or the career of someone you care about.
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Drawing Your Own Map to Working From Home

An interview with Tory Johnson, the chief executive of the New York recruiting services firm Women for Hire , about managing home-based work.

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Talking About Working From Home

A conversation with Tory Johnson, a co-author of a new book, "Will Work From Home."

When the Assistant Is an Entrepreneur

Increasingly, administrative assistants are becoming as entrepreneurial as their bosses.

Even Executives Are Becoming Free Agents

A new company, Epoch, acts as a broker between companies seeking interim executives and executives looking for flexible work arrangements.

Finding Health Insurance if You Are Self-Employed


Finding Health Insurance if You Are Self-Employed

If there is one thing that separates the self-employed from those employed by others, it is their preoccupation with health insurance.


An Office Space of One’s Own for Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurship, with a twist (

Today, my Shifting Careers column for the New York Times covers three new books on entrepreneurship, each focusing on a different niche. I’m partial to books that describe types of workplace breeds, so it’s not surprising these books — one about “Grindhoppers,” one about “anti 9-to5 women,” and one about “parentpreneurs” — appealed to me.

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